Ordinary Beauty

Every time I read the Bible so many things pop out of me and often I’m overwhelmed with all the jewels of advice I find. One thing, however, has consistently been whispered in my ear: beauty. And not just any kind of beauty, but ordinary beauty. Maybe you’re not familiar with that concept. I know I wasn’t until recently. Or if I was I didn’t think about it. It isn’t some deeply spiritual thought or they key to all your problems. It’s just something to think about it.

Often when you think of the word beauty you think of the obvious things: a sunset on the beach, the girl who sits next to you at school with flawless skin, a bright blue flower. When I think of the word beauty I think of a laugh that comes from deep within, rain gently tapping at my windows, a long-awaited phone-call from a friend. Somehow I find a much deeper, joyful beauty in the little things than the obvious.

I recently started a fabulous book called Paperdoll by Natalie Lloyd. I really like how she puts it: “Anybody can find beauty when it’s obvious. Finding subtle beauty and looking for a holy moment in an ordinary day is more of a challenge. And it is usually far more amazing.”

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, say this verse out-loud: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” I find that it’s much easier to appreciate the little things in everyday when you start off remembering that it’s God who gave you this day and every little magical beauty that goes with it.

What was ordinarily beautiful about your day today?


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