What Does It Mean to Be a TCK?

Third Culture Kid (TCK): “Third-culture kids are those who have spent some of their growing up years in a foreign country and experience a sense of not belonging to their passport country when they return to it. In adapting to life in a ‘foreign’ country they have also missed learning ways of their homeland and feel most at home in the ‘third-culture’ which they have created.”

Here is a list of blog posts and articles Not of this World has done that specifically relate to being a TCK:


Thailand Memories

Just Stop and Think


Caught Between Cultures

Culture Misunderstandings

Get Plugged Into Your Culture

Shying Away from Your Non-Passport-Country’s Culture

Culture Shock

Culture Shock

Starbucks Culture Shock

5 Biggest Culture Shocks in the US


When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong


Tips for Visiting the US


Saying Goodbye

God’s Plan for TCKs

Life As an MK

God’s Guidance

God’s Protection

God’s Provision

Heart of Worship – Shaken and Stirred

Plans to Prosper You

Transition to America

What’s God Up To? How God is Working in the Lives of MK Girls


Home Quote


Embracing Your Third Culture



Language Mishaps

A Guide to Culture


Understanding TCK Relationships

The Interview


School Experiences

First Time in American School

On Dance and Sacrifice



Feeling Unknown

Moving to a New Country

Transition-My Battle with the Beast

You Cannot Always Be Torn in Two

Limping to Heaven


Jet Lag Tips

Flying the Friendly Skies


Baking Overseas

Relating to Non-TCKs

2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Be a TCK?

  1. Hi,
    I have recently moved back to my passport country (UK) and finding it really hard with all the culture shocks etc..
    I was wondering weather you could do a post on going back to your passport country or respond to my comment with some advice on how to get used and adjust to life.
    Love your blog its great

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