Parade of Nations



On Friday night, I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I love the olympics and have always looked forward to the opening ceremony but, as a TCK, it has so much more meaning for me now. As all the countries walked in during the Parade of Nations, I had so many countries to cheer for.

While my friends watching with me only saw foreign names on the screen, I saw faces. When Hungary entered, I thought of all my TCK friends who live there. When Turkey walked in, I thought of girls on my South Africa mission rip who had grown up there. With each country, I felt such excitement because for someone that’s their country that they’ve grown to love.

One of my favorite opening ceremonies was the London ceremony. I was in South Africa during it and crowded around a fuzzy tv screen with other TCKs. It was so fun to watch with other TCKs and see everyone get excited as their country walked in. I love that the Olympics bring together the world in cheering on our athletes.

But enough cheesy Olympic thoughts, I have to get back to cheering on both Italy and the US in skiing  🙂



The Olympics start tomorrow! 🙂 Watch this inspiring video of an Olympian’s story and His faith in Christ.


PS This is the blog’s 200th post!!

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