DIY Wreath

I’ve been working on my series of articles on being a teen TCK¬†for Denizen this week as well as working on posts for this blog. I’m all TCKed out. Five words I don’t want to type, see, or say for the next week: culture, home, TCK, transition, and passport. So here is a just for fun nothing to do with being a TCK post ūüôā


What you’ll need: a plain wreath (I used this styrofoam one), ribbon/yarn, fabric, a glue gun, a pen, and string

How much time: this took me a few hours from start to finish but it included a lot of trial and error. I would say this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Level: this is easy, as long as you know how to glue you can make this.

1. I saw this wreath on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect DIY for my college dorm room. The person who originally made it used yarn which she wrapped around the wreath. I used wide ribbon which worked perfectly and took a lot less time. I used a hot glue gun to glue down the first few “turns” of ribbon, but then quickly realized how much ribbon that would take. So instead, I wrapped it all around real fast without any glue and simply glued down the final piece. That worked a lot better and saved a lot of time!


2. After I finished wrapping the wreath, I moved onto the flowers. For this, I used an old shirt and some burlap I had leftover from another project. The shirt was perfect for this because I could cut long strips and it was soft making it easy to form a flower.  I followed these instructions to make them. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but they were super easy after the first one.


3. Next, I worked on the bunting. I used fabric for the triangles but you could easily use card-stock as well. I used a Sharpie to carefully write the names of my roommate and I. I used three pieces of string to attach the bunting to. This part was a little tricky and I had to glue the string twice to make sure it looked right from the front side.


4. Finally, to make the hanging loop, I used some pom-pom string that came in a pack with the other string. I first glued it together in the form of a loop then wrapped in it burlap to secure it. I then glued the burlap to the back of the wreath and finally glued one more piece of burlap across it to really make sure it would stick.


And voila, there you have your own DIY wreath!


I realize since I’m just now going to college I’ve never really done many (if any) article or blog posts on college. As much as I want there to be pieces for every stage of life, I’m not always aware of what I’m missing so please let me know any topics you’d like to see more of!


DIY Week – Country Art

DIY week

For the last day of DIY Week, I found this simple, yet lovely, craft to display your favorite places. Perfect for TCKs!

country art

I first did this craft for a loved quote last year, but decided to put a travel spin on it for DIY Week.


I first cut out half of a page from an old French magazine I have. I found a page with mainly words so I wouldn’t have to sacrifice any fun vintage outfits or ads while also making sure my drawing would be visible on the page.


Next, I printed out a dark outline of Italy. After making sure it fit the page, I taped it to the back so when I put it up to light, the outline would shine through making it an easy stencil.


I then traced the shape with dark ink. I didn’t make it perfect, which, in my opinion, makes it look more fun. After I did Italy, I chose a fun quote from a classic Italian move, “Life Is Beautiful.” “Buongiorno Principessa!” means “Good Morning Princess!”


When I did this last year, I used watercolors over the ink, but for the life of me I couldn’t find a set of watercolors. I looked and looked and looked. But they were no where to be found. So for the sake of getting this blogged I just used a marker, but it would look much prettier in watercolors!


And there you have it, a quick craft! I hope you’ve enjoyed DIY Week. Let us know if you made any of them and send us a pic at notofthisworld [dot] r2 [at] gmail [dot] com



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DIY Week – Pinterest Favorites

DIY week

Here are some of my favorite travel-themed DIYs from Pinterest…









And here are some that Not of this World has featured in past issues…


{country/state art}


{map bouquet}


{vintage sign}

Check back in tomorrow for the last day of DIY Week!


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DIY Week – Postcard Accordion

DIY week

Postcards are my favorite souvenirs to buy on trips. They’re cheap, easy to pack, and great for capturing memories. I always look for the watercolor ones when I visit a new city – I have over 30 of them now! I’m always looking for fun ideas of how to display them all and one of my new favorites is making a postcard accordion.

postcard accordian

Supplies needed: postcards, tape (or glue), and ribbon


Choose an odd number of postcards and pick which one you want to be the cover of your accordion. The other ones can switch places once you make it, but the cover will stay the same.


[place the tape where the purple lines are]

Lay the postcards on a flat surface. The first one should have the picture side facing up; the next one should have the writing side facing up. Continue to alternate them in this order.

When you have them in the right order, place a piece of tape in between each card, connecting them all together. I used tape because I didn’t want to permanently alter the cards and it’s practically invisible once the project is complete. If you don’t want to use tape, you could also use extra pieces of paper between the cards¬†and glue.


While they are laying flat, take one piece of ribbon and tape (or glue) it on the back of your cover post card. Before you put the other ribbon on the back cover, fold up your accordion to see which will be the back since you can tweak the order depending on how you fold it. After you pick the back, secure the second piece of ribbon and tie the two pieces together in a pretty bow!


Ways to use this: write a note to a friend on the back of each postcard, creating a unique book of notes; write down memories from each day of a trip and display your booklet around your house or at work where you’ll remember your trip; use it as a travel journal


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DIY Week – Jar of Memories

DIY week

This week, the blog will be full of fun travel themed DIYs! These aren’t fancy or complicated – just simple crafts you can do with stuff already in your house to remember your favorite trips, moves, and homes. Today’s Craft: Jar of Memories.

A few years ago, for my parents’ anniversary, I collected notes from their friends and put them all in a jar. It was an easy, fun gift and they loved it! Here is a travel twist on a jar of notes…

jar of memories

Whenever we travel, I save all of our ticket stubs, brochures, and any other trinkets I happen to pick up. They all get stuffed in my craft box for scrapbooking (or smashing) and when I get around to fishing them out, the leftovers remain. Enter the mason jar.


I had a small mason jar on my dresser that was housing a long-gone pink rose so I quickly grabbed that. To get rid of any dust (and to remove the gross wilted flower smell), I sprayed some body spray on a paper towel to leave a sweet scent to mingle with my memories. If you wanted to make it more special, use a scent that’s connected with the memories in your jar.


Next, I gathered up some of my “leftovers” from my craft bin. A post-card. Plane tickets. A concert wrist band. Whatever was small, unused and memorable. To create a cute front for my jar, I cut out some pretty flowers from a magazine and stuck that in before tossing in the rest of my memories.


There are endless variations on this simple craft – collect encouraging notes for a friend, display all of your movie tickets, remember your vacations through post-cards. Have fun!


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Valentine’s Day Inspiration

v-day collage

I love Valentine’s Day. So much. In fact, I’d probably consider it my favorite holiday. I love having the excuse to wear as much pink as possible and go crazy decorating with lace and hearts and red and pink. I also love making valentines for sweet friends. This year, I’m hosting a Valentine dinner for my Bible study. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve been scouring Pinterest finding my favorite Valentine print-outs, decorations, and recipes. Here are my favorites:

1. Bright Pom-Poms

2. Adorable Print-Outs

3. Cute Flower Seeds

4. Heart Tea Bags

5. This Gorgeous Wreath 

6. This Cute Display

7. Cupcake Flags

8. Heart Shaped Macaroons 

What pins have been catching your eye lately? Follow Not of this World on Pinterest for more v-day ideas!

DIY Sweater

sweater #1

I saw this ribbon sweater idea on Pinterest a few months ago and loved it! I finally got around to actually making it last weekend and I’m so happy with the result. Read on to make your own restyled sweater…


What you’ll need: a sweater, ribbon, a needle, thread, and scissors. I dragged out my sewing machine, but ended up just sewing by hand.

Difficulty Level: Easy. Even if you don’t sew, you could make this.

Time: 10 to 20 minutes.

I bought my sweater at Goodwill since I didn’t want to accidentally ruin one of my own sweaters. Unless you have a sweater you don’t mind cutting up, it’s a good idea to find a friend with old sweaters or find one at a thrift shop.

sweater #2

1. Cut a slit from the collar down the sleeve. In the instructions I used, it said cut 7 inches, but I think that’s a little long. If I were to do it again, I would make a 5 or 6 inch cut.

2. Fold over your cut edges and pin them. Pinning them is optional, but it will make sewing them back up a lot easier.

step 4

3. Sew (Never sewed? Click here for some tips) the edges over so that it creates a clean looking slit. Cut two pieces of ribbon to your liking. The instructions said each should be 15 inches, but I did 24 inches. When cutting, just remember, the shorter each piece, the smaller your bow.

4. Sew on the ribbon to each side. As you can tell in the picture, this does not have to look good or be perfect; it’s hidden from sight. To make your stitches invisible, sew the ribbon onto the folded over piece of fabric, not through both pieces.

step 5

5. And voila! Tie your bow and you’re ready to go!