MK2MK Goes to Thailand



I’ve been involved in an awesome ministry called MK2MK for the past six years. MK2MK stands for “Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid” and is a resource for TCKs. Every summer, they take high school TCKs on a mission trip and this year they are going to Thailand! I’ve been to Ethiopia and South Africa with them and both trips taught me so much. I grew in my faith, learned so much about myself, and met amazing life-long friends. It also was encouraging to be around so many other TCKs and realize I was not alone in that.

If you’ve never been on a mission trip or not sure what you think about them, I’d encourage your to read a two part series I wrote last year about the importance of short term mission trips: part 1 and part 2.

Click here for more information – you should apply! 🙂


3 thoughts on “MK2MK Goes to Thailand

  1. Hey! Ok so I’m so mad because I work with MK2MK also but this year I can’t go because I’m only going to be in 8th grade but I have to be a freshman!!!

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    • Hey Liz! Don’t worry, they do one every summer so you’ll still be able to go next year 🙂 You should also check out their conferences! They do a winter conference usually every year in Europe and Asia and middle schoolers can go to those.

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