Renewing Your Heart: Pull out the Drano

michaela mini series

I have a confession to make. I think I might be slightly addicted to weeding, cleaning out drains, and throwing away everything that doesn’t mean anything. There is just no feeling that compares to the reward of getting rid of extra, whether it be plants, hairballs, or trash.

Lately, I’ve been really striving for getting rid of the junk that so often clutters my heart. I never realized how many things I allow to come in and crowd out a completely radical, deep, consuming relationship with my Creator, Savior, and Lord. I began to notice that sin isn’t the only thing that Satan uses to try to wiggle his way in and steal my joy. There are bad attitudes, melancholy feelings, doubts, distractions constantly trying to drown out the Holy Spirit speaking into my life. Just as weeds crowd out beautiful flowers or extra stuff lying around makes life more complicated, our hearts begin to clog up and we feel stagnant, frustrated and disconnected from our Source of life.

I remember getting so angry when I couldn’t easily sense God’s direction and love and peace and I would frantically confess my pride, bitterness etc… to fix it. But there still wasn’t any room in my heart for the Lord to freely move and work. He wanted me to do the dirty work of figuring out what the clutter was, and then getting rid of it.

I am writing this series as I learn, so I certainly do not have all the answers. But hopefully together we can discover the things that have taken up residence in our hearts that drown out God’s voice, and then remove them bit by bit. I can’t wait to see the freedom and joy the Lord will bring!


Over the next few weeks look for the rest of Michaela’s mini series!



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