Guest Posting

Happy Friday! Today, I’m guest posting over on “Travel Lite,” an awesome new blog for MKs…


As of now, I’ve been in college for roughly a month. Before college, I knew what it meant to be a TCK. I had been “schooled,” even, to know how I was supposed to feel; I knew what I should struggle with, what I should excel at. But coming to college changed that.

I have met numerous TCKs in the past month and I’m never sure what to say. One girl told me she grew up in Germany and I wanted to yell, “Me too!” and throw my arms around her and be best friends forever. The problem is, I didn’t grow up in Germany – I just understood all that came with that simple statement. When I tried to explain my life in Italy and that I got it, she didn’t seem to care.

That’s what it’s been like with a lot of the TCKs I’ve met. In my mind, we’re supposed to have a stronger-than-glue instantaneous bond, but they didn’t seem to get the memo. This became most apparent to me when a girl I’d been spending a lot of time with told me she was born and raised overseas. I excitedly told her that I was a TCK too and she gave me a blank stare. I explained to her what the term meant and she didn’t believe me. Let me repeat that. SHE DIDN’T BELIEVE ME. She thought I had made the term up! I gave her example after example of ministries and websites and magazines that reached out to people like us and she asked this simple question: why do we need to be reached out to? And you know what? I didn’t have an answer.

Read the rest over on Travel Lite!


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