Heart Connections


Recently, I was talking with some friends over dinner. In Austin, this past weekend was ACL which is a huge music festival so we were on the topic of concerts. One guy was talking about all these concerts he’d been to over the past few years. Someone asked how he managed to get such cheap tickets to so many amazing shows. And his answer was simple: Jesus.

He explained that he connected best with God through live music so he truly believed that God knows that about him and thus makes sure he gets to do that. Isn’t that awesome?

I was reminded of that comment when I was reading a textbook for one of my classes. I’m taking a class on the history of the papacy and the Church in Italy. Many of the popes are known for the vast amount of art they commissioned. It often was for self-aggrandizement however and not for the glory of God. That’s why this one comment stood out to me.

The book read, “To [Nicholas] the arts were neither vain nor frivolous; they too bore witness to the glory of god.”

I love that. I love how that are so many different ways we can connect with God and how He meets with us through the gifts He’s given us.

This week, meet with God through your passions. Search for opportunities to connect. He knows how He created you and He’s longing for you to see Him through your loves.


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