Coffee Cups and Silhouettes


This past weekend, two of my friends came to visit me and I did my best to show them the city. Being a tour guide of somewhere you love is both so fun and so stressful – I wanted to make sure they saw its best! One of our stops was Caffè Medici, something on their list, not my own. I’d never been, but instantly I liked it.

And I liked it for reasons no one else would understand. I don’t drink coffee. I couldn’t care less about their fancy machines and blends (is that even a term?). And the kind of people who go there are probably way too hipster and cool for me. What I loved was their logo: the silhouette of an old, hook-nosed Italian man who is dear to my TCK heart.

You see, once upon a time, the Medici family ruled Florence and they left an unforgettable mark on the city and country as well. Their faces are oft seen in museums, on the sides of buses, engraved in buildings, and apparently on a little coffee shops in Austin, Texas.

Every time I pass under this man’s ancient nose, I think of Italy. And every time someone pronounces their name wrong I cringe. It’s interesting how many heart triggers we encounter that no one else knows about. For them it’s a coffee shop, for me it’s an old life.

I imagine that when I walk by, he winks at me and in raspy, rich Italian tells me to keep walking. He too knows what it’s like to move from Italy to Austin. Dai! Andiamo! he says. And I so walk on.


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