10 Things to Do with a Barf Bag


  1. Collect the bags from every airline you’ve been on.
  2. Scrapbook.

  3. Reuse as envelopes. (use www.instructables.com for inspiration) this is a thing in Australia, according to Wikipedia.

  4. Write a letter to a friend on it.

  5. Make a hand puppet.

  6. Use for storage. Don’t forget, the bags seal!

  7. Use as a lunch bag.  (heh heh. Snicker snicker.)

  8. Place damp food leftovers in, seal, hold at arm’s length and proceed down entire aisle of plane looking green.

  9. Create a poster for that friend or teacher you have with the middle school sense of humor.

       10. Put on feet to make airplane slippers. Proceed down aisle again.


Look for more airplane activities from Lizzy in the upcoming issue!


2 thoughts on “10 Things to Do with a Barf Bag

  1. It’s a thing in Australia? Hmm… I live here, and I’ve never seen it. Maybe I’ll have to make it a thing again.

    When I was little, I never got airsick, but I got carsick *a lot*. My father used to collect as many puke bags as possible and put them in the car, particularly when we went on long car trips.

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