The Perfect Country

Like I mentioned last week, I’m getting settled in at college right now so for the next week or so I’m posting links to other great blog posts from around the web. So today, enjoy this post from Denizen Magazine.

denizen pic

“People always ask me: “You’ve lived everywhere! Where’s your favourite place to live?”

Being a Third Culture Kid, you probably feel the same predicament I do in trying to find a suitable answer to this question. It is absolutely impossible. There are far too many people and places that you love, and too many memories that flood your brain the moment the question is posed, to be able to pick just one.

If anything, I have been wonderfully spoiled by all the places I have lived. There are little facets in each of the different countries that I wholly adore, and I always wonder if I can find a single place in the world that has all of these benefits. Might I finally be able to settle down somewhere, for once? It’s doubtful that such a place exists, but if it did, it would look a little something like a place with…”

Read the rest here!



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