Millennial Traits

Like I mentioned last week, I’m getting settled in at college right now so for the next week or so I’m posting links to other great blog posts from around the web. So today, enjoy this post from Relevant Magazine.

millennial traits

“Google the term “Millennials” and you’re almost certain to immediately find several articles about the negative traits of this generation.

It’s easy to hate on Millennials. With all the tweets, pins, instagrams, selfies and Facebook posts, there’s no shortage of material for criticism….

…It can be easy to point out the weaknesses of a generation while overlooking the strengths. But, as William Strauss and Neil Howe pointed out in their book Millennials Go to College, Gen Y has many positive characteristics. And just like any individual or generation, there are aspects of Millennial’s generational stereotypes that, in a small part, reflect characteristics of Jesus. Here are four reasons I think Jesus would be proud to roll with Millennials.”

Read the rest here.



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