Taking a Little Break

I’m moved in to my college dorm on Tuesday so the for the next week or so I’m taking a little break from the blog to get settled. So instead of the usual posts, look for links to other great blog posts from around the web. So here’s the first one…

sad story

“As we await Sophie’s arrival, which we are praying will be within the next week (her due date was yesterday, Aug. 15th) the Lord has been reminding Kevin and I of His great character and the hope we have in Him over the past week.   Last week I was overcome with sadness, wanting to believe with expectancy that the Lord will heal Sophie and praying that joy would be the predominant emotion we experience in the delivery room however Sophie comes.   My sadness, however, was getting the best of me.  Yet this week the Lord in His sweetness has been renewing my heart and increasing for both Kevin and I a great sense of expectancy of what He has in store for Sophie, for us.   That said, I’m realizing even now as I watch the flood of prayers, the overwhelming support of people on facebook sharing our story and calling others to pray, the ways our family and friends have surrounded us that this is NOT a sad story.   Yes, there is sadness, there is sorrow, and there is fear and anticipation of what will happen with Sophie in the coming week.  But more than that, this is a story of how God has intersected our lives and forced us out of our comfort zones to trust Him in ways we never have before and see Him show up in ways we’ve never seen.”

Read the rest of Lindsey’s special story and how to pray for her Sophie on her blog!


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