DIY Wreath

I’ve been working on my series of articles on being a teen TCK for Denizen this week as well as working on posts for this blog. I’m all TCKed out. Five words I don’t want to type, see, or say for the next week: culture, home, TCK, transition, and passport. So here is a just for fun nothing to do with being a TCK post 🙂


What you’ll need: a plain wreath (I used this styrofoam one), ribbon/yarn, fabric, a glue gun, a pen, and string

How much time: this took me a few hours from start to finish but it included a lot of trial and error. I would say this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Level: this is easy, as long as you know how to glue you can make this.

1. I saw this wreath on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect DIY for my college dorm room. The person who originally made it used yarn which she wrapped around the wreath. I used wide ribbon which worked perfectly and took a lot less time. I used a hot glue gun to glue down the first few “turns” of ribbon, but then quickly realized how much ribbon that would take. So instead, I wrapped it all around real fast without any glue and simply glued down the final piece. That worked a lot better and saved a lot of time!


2. After I finished wrapping the wreath, I moved onto the flowers. For this, I used an old shirt and some burlap I had leftover from another project. The shirt was perfect for this because I could cut long strips and it was soft making it easy to form a flower.  I followed these instructions to make them. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but they were super easy after the first one.


3. Next, I worked on the bunting. I used fabric for the triangles but you could easily use card-stock as well. I used a Sharpie to carefully write the names of my roommate and I. I used three pieces of string to attach the bunting to. This part was a little tricky and I had to glue the string twice to make sure it looked right from the front side.


4. Finally, to make the hanging loop, I used some pom-pom string that came in a pack with the other string. I first glued it together in the form of a loop then wrapped in it burlap to secure it. I then glued the burlap to the back of the wreath and finally glued one more piece of burlap across it to really make sure it would stick.


And voila, there you have your own DIY wreath!


I realize since I’m just now going to college I’ve never really done many (if any) article or blog posts on college. As much as I want there to be pieces for every stage of life, I’m not always aware of what I’m missing so please let me know any topics you’d like to see more of!


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