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{read Jennifer’s blog here}

I haven’t done a blog review in a while, so I thought I would introduce you to the lovely Jennifer Blair. In her own words, “I’m Jennifer Blair – a photographer based in South Alabama. I’m a Christ follower, wife, musician, and a dreamer. I’m addicted to cute leather notebooks and I carry my camera everywhere. Here you will find my photography, tidbits of my life in the South with my wonderful husband, and my journey in the pursuit of Christ. ”

Where to Start

Austin and Taylor | A Classic Wedding with Old World Charm…“This wedding takes my breath away every time I look at it. Taylor and Austin planned the sweetest day surrounded by their close friends and family. They were such a tight-knit group. I wish you all could have been there to see the whole celebration. Their wedding day was pure Southern Elegance. The beautiful and historic venue set the tone for the whole affair.” This is a wonderful example of the gorgeous pictures Jennifer captures at weddings. Read the rest here

Destin Getaway…“I’m blown away when I think about how God has wired me to be an artist, and to be a refection of the Creator as I create. He has given me the ability to capture the beauty of His creation and the people He loves. It’s such a privilege! He has opened so many doors to share about Him, from talking with clients to what I’m able to write here. In the end my photography won’t really matter. What will last is what let Him do through me in this season.” Read the rest here.

A Simple Truth | How to Live a Life that Matters… “I want to live with purpose and passion…every single day. I want a life that counts. Most of us probably do. This isn’t a new desire. I’ve always wanted to live with purpose. I just didn’t know what it takes to do it. Maybe I thought purpose and passion would happen upon me one day. I guess I hoped it would come like a letter and say “This is your purpose in life, and this is how you accomplish it.” If only, right? I’m not sure why I thought it was going to be so, well, BIG! And hard too. I’ve realized that it’s not big or hard at all. In actuality, it’s small and easy.” Read the rest here.

If you love gorgeous photography and beautiful words, make sure you bookmark Jennifer’s blog!


Blogs are great ways to be encouraged and inspired, but make sure you aren’t spending too much time reading them. It’s easy to get sucked into the lives of others and start playing the comparison game. I’m starting to do these reviews regularly to provide blogs that will keep your thoughts focused on Jesus and inspire you to use your talents to glorify Him. Let me know what your favorite blogs are and send us your reviews!


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