DIY Week – Postcard Accordion

DIY week

Postcards are my favorite souvenirs to buy on trips. They’re cheap, easy to pack, and great for capturing memories. I always look for the watercolor ones when I visit a new city – I have over 30 of them now! I’m always looking for fun ideas of how to display them all and one of my new favorites is making a postcard accordion.

postcard accordian

Supplies needed: postcards, tape (or glue), and ribbon


Choose an odd number of postcards and pick which one you want to be the cover of your accordion. The other ones can switch places once you make it, but the cover will stay the same.


[place the tape where the purple lines are]

Lay the postcards on a flat surface. The first one should have the picture side facing up; the next one should have the writing side facing up. Continue to alternate them in this order.

When you have them in the right order, place a piece of tape in between each card, connecting them all together. I used tape because I didn’t want to permanently alter the cards and it’s practically invisible once the project is complete. If you don’t want to use tape, you could also use extra pieces of paper between the cards and glue.


While they are laying flat, take one piece of ribbon and tape (or glue) it on the back of your cover post card. Before you put the other ribbon on the back cover, fold up your accordion to see which will be the back since you can tweak the order depending on how you fold it. After you pick the back, secure the second piece of ribbon and tie the two pieces together in a pretty bow!


Ways to use this: write a note to a friend on the back of each postcard, creating a unique book of notes; write down memories from each day of a trip and display your booklet around your house or at work where you’ll remember your trip; use it as a travel journal


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