DIY Week – Jar of Memories

DIY week

This week, the blog will be full of fun travel themed DIYs! These aren’t fancy or complicated – just simple crafts you can do with stuff already in your house to remember your favorite trips, moves, and homes. Today’s Craft: Jar of Memories.

A few years ago, for my parents’ anniversary, I collected notes from their friends and put them all in a jar. It was an easy, fun gift and they loved it! Here is a travel twist on a jar of notes…

jar of memories

Whenever we travel, I save all of our ticket stubs, brochures, and any other trinkets I happen to pick up. They all get stuffed in my craft box for scrapbooking (or smashing) and when I get around to fishing them out, the leftovers remain. Enter the mason jar.


I had a small mason jar on my dresser that was housing a long-gone pink rose so I quickly grabbed that. To get rid of any dust (and to remove the gross wilted flower smell), I sprayed some body spray on a paper towel to leave a sweet scent to mingle with my memories. If you wanted to make it more special, use a scent that’s connected with the memories in your jar.


Next, I gathered up some of my “leftovers” from my craft bin. A post-card. Plane tickets. A concert wrist band. Whatever was small, unused and memorable. To create a cute front for my jar, I cut out some pretty flowers from a magazine and stuck that in before tossing in the rest of my memories.


There are endless variations on this simple craft – collect encouraging notes for a friend, display all of your movie tickets, remember your vacations through post-cards. Have fun!


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