A Travel Guide to Prague by Claire P.

travel guide to prague

Oh, where do I even start? The city of Prague is so dear to my heart that I don’t even know how to capture it in a few paragraphs. I will say though, that this is a city you need to experience, explore, and wander in.

The streets in Prague are magical. I live on the other side of the country, so only visit there once or twice a year, but every time I do, those little winding alleys and cobblestone roads are all I need to see. Of course, the Charles’ Bridge, Vysehrad and the National Museum etc. are more famous, but the heart of the city lies in the more hidden places. If all you were to do in Prague was walk, that would be enough to fall in love with the city.


When you go to Prague, look up. Yes, look up! Every building is detailed, unique, and holds a story. Prague is also known as the “City of a Hundred Spires”. When you hike up to the Prague Castle and look down at the city, you will see why! Literally, hundreds of spires peek out of the city skyline.

As for favorites… I’m just going to list them for you!



– U Prince – this hotel and restaurant is located near the Astronomical Clock on Old Times Square. The food tastes good, but I love the view the most. Ask to be seated upstairs, because the outdoor terrace overlooks the square and gives you the best view of a sunset over Prague! It can get chilly sometimes, but they provide blankets for you to use.



– There is one street between Old Times Square and Tyn Church where you can find shops with classic Czech crystal, ceramic figurines and models of the city, handmade puppets, and more. At the end of this street (towards the church) is a great shopping centre too called Paladium. Paladium looks like a beautiful old building, but inside it looks like a fancy mall!

“Street” Food:

– I don’t know if they sell these all year-round, but I know in the winter, they have street vendors with something called “Trdelnik”. Trdelnik actually originally didn’t come from Czech, but it has become famous there. It is a sweet pastry that is rolled in cinnamon and sugar, wrapped around a stick, and grilled. So delicious!


To see:

– The world-renown Prague Philharmonic orchestra is at your fingertips if you’re in the city. I personally have never been to a performance, but I would love to some day! I’m sure they are amazing! (to visit their site about tickets: http://www.praguephilharmonia.com/en/prices.html)

To sit and linger:

– There are lots of amazing places to sit and eat a picnic, but my favorite are the ones that overlook the Vltava river. Pick up some food at a grocery store (like Albert, or Billa), and find one of many lovely parks in Prague. I also love people-watching in these places. People walk their dogs, run with friends, nap under a tree, or sit on the grass.

Things you should know:

– “Dobry den” means “Good day”, and people say it every time they go into a store 

– Bring an umbrella. It often rains in Czech, and can get chilly. You might want to bring a scarf and a coat/jacket too.

– When you’re done eating at a restaurant, place your fork and knife together, side by side (not crossed over each other) on your plate so that the waiters know you are finished. If you don’t do this, the waiters will still come, but not as fast!

– Most people in Prague speak English and will help you if you need anything.

– Public transportation is great, and fairly easy to navigate.



This travel guide was written by Claire P. Visit her blog here.

*all pictures from Trip Advisor*


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  1. You chose lovely pictures! Sorry I didn’t get those to you! You captured it well though with the ones you found. 🙂 Thanks for letting me be a part of this blog! I love it.

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