Bologna Travel Diaries // Arrivederci

kelsey collage

Four months have gone by way too fast.

It’s been an amazing trip, full of memories, beautiful moments, and crazy experiences.  I have been content here. Life is simple when you only see your family every day. There’s no one to impress and I feel simply free.

Some random snippets of my trip have been:

  • People watching out my window

  • Eating pasta every day.

  • Being with my sister.

  • Chemistry tutoring with my Irish chemist.

  • Enjoying gelato.

  • Volleyball practice with my new friends.

  • Bus rides on Sunday mornings to church.

  • Watching my fave show, “That’s So Raven.”

  • Seeing the ancient beautiful buildings.

  • Learning Italian phrases and over saying them

  • Side trips to London, Paris, Switzerland, Malta, Greece.

  • Seeing the winter snow covering the rooftops.

  • Enjoying the beaches.

  • Spending a day in Venice and Florence.

  • Making my smashbook.

  • Learning to cook.

  • Praying that one student may come to know Christ.


Read the rest of Kelsey’s entries: New Beginnings // Volleyball Memories // Tourists in Our Own Town

Keep up with Kelsey on her personal blog: A Beautiful Purpose . The password is “Kelsey”

Thanks for letting us into your semester in Bologna Kelsey!


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