Bologna Travel Diaries // Tourists in Our Own Town


Last weekend,  we decided to be tourists in our own city! Most of our time living in Bologna, my parents have been busy with ministry, and Katie and I with non stop homeschooling. So we haven’t gotten to explore as much as I’ve wanted to. But this day made up for it completely.

We walked around our city and discovered adorable streets we had never been on, went to an awesome museum, and ate a picnic lunch.


I absolutely adore Italy. Everything here is so old and beautiful. We went to some really beautiful ancient churches and enjoyed walking around. I never knew how large our  city actually is! We turned a corner and saw so many new and interesting things!


I realized it is SO  important to branch out from your usual streets and sights.

A change of scenery is always good.  Most all streets here are gorgeous, and I loved checking out new stores, and seeing new bakeries and gelato spots. It was cool to be in a different part of town than I’d never seen before. I am so happy to be in Italy, and so sad we only have 3 more weeks here.
It was really fun to try new things in our very own town!
I asked Kelsey to keep us updated on her amazing opportunity to live in Italy this semester through this “Bologna Travel Diaries!” For more on her European adventures, read her personal blog here.

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