5 Things: the Culture Shock Edition

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{my ugghh culture shock is annoying face}

On various blogs, I’ve seen the “5 Things Tag” where you have to write five random facts about yourself. I’ve been wanting to put a TCK twist on it and decided to do the five biggest culture shocks I’ve experienced being back in the US. So, without further ado, here are five culture shocks in no particular order:

1. Nose Goes…On Your Face? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is a recent phenomena in the US, but rather something I guess I just missed out on in childhood and am now having to {awkwardly} learn. Apparently, when there’s a “bad” situation – like having to pass out papers in class – someone shouts “Nose Goes!” and the last person to touch their nose has to do the task. I grew up saying “Not it!” Same difference. Except when you don’t know what’s going on, and get stuck doing things like setting up microscopes which you also don’t know how to do since you were home-schooled. #tckfail

2. Six Packs…Are Sets of Drinks? Again, not sure how recent or not this term is, but I was soo confused when I came home for a visit and my best friend kept referring to six packs. Why was she talking about cases of soda so much? But then, I realized she was not talking about soda but rather abs. Her dad, also a TCK and thus understanding my confusion, finally explained it to me. Who knew? Not me.

3. Arms…Must Go On Your Hips? By the time I got a Facebook in 7th grade, I started noticing a picture trend. Every girl under the age of 30 always had one hand on her hip in every picture. It always slightly baffled me, but it was no biggie since I didn’t have enough of a social life to have to make the ever-important decision of hand on hip or arms down. Until moving to America. After two years, I still have to mentally think about it every single picture I take. The process goes something like…I’m a teenage American girl, so I should totally have my hand on my hip if I want to appear hip. But then maybe it will look like I’m trying to look hip by putting my hand on my hip? Ahhh! Anyone else struggle with the hip hip movement?

4. Nike Shorts…To School? I remember the summer before freshman year we were in the US for the summer and everyone – I do mean everyone – was wearing Nike shorts. I was not a fan. I didn’t want to follow a trend. My parents tried to help. They said, “Everyone is wearing them Courtney! You should be too. We’ll even go buy you a pair right now!” But I adamantly said no. Just because everyone else was doing it did not mean I had to too. But I cracked…as evidenced by the fact that I am currently wearing them. So I accepted the trend and loved it. But then when we moved back two years ago, I was again surprised when I heard that people were wearing them to school…TO SCHOOL! In Italy, I was stared out for wearing leggings under a dress. No way was I going to stoop the level of Nike shorts. But guess who’s planning on wearing a tee-shirt and Nike shorts tomorrow to school?

5. Starbucks. Enough said.

Tag! You’re it (or your nose is it?) – what are your biggest culture shocks when you go back and forth between countries?

4 thoughts on “5 Things: the Culture Shock Edition

  1. Um, so, I pretty much loved this. SOOO well-written and downright truthful in the most hilarious way. I could literally feel the mental tension of the masses of MKs who have experienced the exact same things. and yes, the hip hip struggle is quite rough. I go both ways. It mostly comes down to the fact that if I don’t put my hand on my hip, my arm looks really fat (especially in short sleeves). most girls find it’s more flattering to have their arms not stuck to their sides so the hip hip came into existence. {I just revealed a major girl-world secret–I’m a little scared of hate mail}

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