A Though to Start Your Week // Home


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“Some TCKs are able to carry their homes and roots in their hearts; these people are true nomads, completely unattached to a certain country or culture or set of values and ideas. To them, the world is their home. Then there are other TCKs who, in spite of having the TCK lifestyle, can name one or two specific places that they are more attached to than to other place. These are places they try to visit as often as possible and will maybe some day return back to. For some it might be a specific city, culture, language or continent.”

-Anne Konig, “How Does a TCK Define Home?

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2 thoughts on “A Though to Start Your Week // Home

  1. I really thought this was good and well done! One thing is I think a home is really hard to leave and really hard to get a new one because you just keep thinking about your old home (for me at least). One thing I’m learning is a Home is usually a place where there is love and memories. In my opinion that’s why it takes a while to call a place Home

    • I love how you said home is a place where there is love and memories…that’s so true! After moving, people and memories rather than places feel more like home now.

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