5 Lessons


So often it is difficult to not look for the negative in life. I am definitely guilty of complaining and bemoaning, especially when it comes to my time in Italy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved living there but it’s much easier for me to talk and focus on the negative aspects of my time there. Maybe it’s because whenever I mention that I lived there, people immediately look at my fierce jealousy and ask why I ever came back – something about that response sets me off  my [inward] “living in Europe is not a vacation” rant. So instead of focusing on the frustrations of life overseas, here are my five favorite things about living in Italy:

1. I learned what hospitality looks like. Italians love to love and I definitely felt that in the best way possible from my sweet friends there.

2. I learned to appreciate a slower pace of life. It took a long time, but looking back, it was nice to not have to always rush, rush, rush.

3. I learned that true friendship breaks language and cultural barriers. I had such special friendships with my Italian classmates and I’m so thankful God gave them to me.

4. I learned to encourage and comfort. Through my own pain, God really opened my eyes to the pain and loneliness of those around me and developed my gifts in those areas.

5. I learned that sharing the Gospel is not always done through words, but with actions. I worried that my lack of lingual abilities would threaten my ability to share God’s love with others, but as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

What have you learned from your TCK journey?


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