An Interview with Grace

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Meet Grace. She is a senior in high school, lived in Asia for a year which totally qualifies her as an MK, and is now a business owner. “Grace’D Embroidery Designs” began several months ago out of Grace’s love for monogramming. Her shop, which is run through Facebook, has everything monogram from makeup bags to tee-shirts. I asked her to share a little bit about what inspired her to start “Grace’D”…


What inspired you to start Grace’D? I got inspired to start Grace’d because it combined my love for all things monogrammed and my love for having a business.


What’s your favorite thing about running Grace’D? I love how I get to make lots of cute creative things and I love discovering a new product that I can sell.


Do you have any advice for girls wanting to start their own business? My advice to girls who want to start a business would be to do something you love because if I didn’t love to monogram the work would be very boring and I would not be motivated to do it. Also, don’t get frustrated if you don’t do really well at the beginning; it takes a little while to figure everything out and start making profit.

grace'd hair bands with text

{the cute hair bands I just got from her!}

Check out all of Grace’s cute stuff on facebook! 


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