A Guide to Frydlant nad Ostravici by Claire P.

guide to frydlant

Dear travelers and dreamers, I’d like to tell you a little bit about two of my favorite cities in the world! The first, of course, is my hometown, Frydlant nad Ostravici, and the second is the wonderful Prague.

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Let’s start with Frydlant. I moved here when I was seven (on my 7th birthday, actually!), and though it’s a small town, there’s a lot to it. We moved here because the headquarters of Josiah Venture (the organization our family works with) is nestled in the beautiful Beskydy Mountains. Why else would you want to visit Frydlant besides Josiah Venture?


Frydlant is located in a valley that sits right under the tallest mountain in the Beskydy. People come here mostly to hike Lysa hora and other surrounding peaks, to get away from the busyness of life. More adventurous people may enjoy the thrill of hang-gliding, a favorite sport around here. For the less daring, there’s also a tiny airport, where you can ride in a little airplane for a breathtaking view of the mountains.


My favorite places to eat are Merlin and my house. Really, if you come to Frydlant, you can’t miss stopping by my house for a meal! Contact me if you’re ever here in the next 4 months, before I leave for college; I’m serious! If I’m not here to make you tea or coffee, there’s also a cute coffee shop in the centre, called Café de Mare. I would recommend their decadent crepes with nutella, and fresh fruit. Delicious.

Frydlant is perfect because it’s in the mountains, but the third largest city (Ostrava) in the Czech Republic is only 30 minutes away by car, and the second biggest two hours from here. In those cities, there are countless options for shopping, events and cultural experience. But those cities are also smoggy and crowded. Frydlant, on the other hand, stays quaint and quiet!


Of course, the most beautiful things here are the breathtaking sunsets, the windy nights, the green grass, and the rolling mountains. God created everything so beautiful! I’m thankful to live in a place like this, and He creates something beautiful everywhere. Even your little town is special. You just need to look and keep your eyes open, and your head up!

Keep checking the blog for my travel guide about Prague! To come soon!

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Read Claire’s blog here.


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