Click Click Click: Four Links of Encouragement #4

Happy Wednesday! Some articles I’ve found and loved in the past few weeks…

articles we love #4

A Time to Dance by Ashley Peterson…”It’s impossible for me to think about dancing without thinking about Ian. When we were little, my Mom and Dad used to have us kids [at the time, just Ian, Stephen and I] clean up the kitchen after dinner. This inevitably took worlds more time than would have otherwise been necessary, because somewhere between clearing and rinsing, one of us would begin to sing.” Read the rest here. Ashley recently lost her brother Ian to cancer just days before her wedding. She wrote this amazing blog post in between those events.

It’s Okay to Be Messy by Hannah Nicole…“I’m guilty of wearing masks. Specifically, the lovely, I’ve got it all figured out. It’s easier to slap on a smile, put up a pretty photo, write a few words, and be done. Easy to blog a session or write about what is good, instead of what is hard. Easy to put on a face and skim the surface instead of being real and honest and raw. Read the rest here

Thursday Q&A // Journaling by Sarah from Ampersand Photography…“My biggest motivation for consistency is a core belief that God is actively at work in my life. I don’t think I’m anyone remarkable, so I don’t necessarily feel that I need to write things down because I’m worth remembering— but I do believe that God’s work in me is worth recording. He is SO kind, and faithful, and tender, and generous to His children, and I need to remind myself of this on a regular basis. Writing helps me remember.” Read the rest here

Subarus, Sex, and Porn Stars by Mike Donehey…“Becoming a father has made me a softy. I mean, I was a crier even before I had kids, but now? Dang. I was choking up watching a Subaru commercial last night. A Subaru commercial?! Seriously? I know, I know. My man point stock is crashing with every key stroke, but before you condemn my whimpering, have you seen this one?” Read the rest here. Funny thing is, I saw the same commercial last night and turned to my dad and said, “That’s so lame!” Interesting what different perspectives look like.

What have you been reading?


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