Bologna Travel Diaries // New Beginnings


Hey y’all! I’m Kelsey Linnartz! I am from Texas, but my family is living in Italy for 4 months and we are thrilled to spend the spring semester here. It’s amazing! I really like the city we are staying in, Bologna. It has lots of cute shops, good pizza, and the best gelato!


Being overseas has been a major change for all four of us. Homeschooling has been a challenge because I have trouble focusing. In Italy, chemistry is the last thing I want to do! I miss my friends, but I’ll be back soon.


Also, my sister and I recently joined an Italian volleyball team! It’s been so cool to make new friends, and try to understand their English. Our coach only speaks Italian, so practice is always interesting. My parents spend their days in coffee shops talking with Italian college students about life and faith. It’s a slow process (please pray for open hearts).



Last week my mom shared the gospel with a girl who had never EVER heard it before! I realized that is the reason we are here. I’m trying to enjoy every moment, because it is somewhat of a short trip, and, of course, a wonderful experience.


I asked Kelsey to keep us updated on her amazing opportunity to live in Italy this semester so hopefully there will be a few more posts from her in the future in this “Bologna Travel Diaries” series! For more on her European adventures, read her personal blog here.


3 thoughts on “Bologna Travel Diaries // New Beginnings

  1. KELSEY!! This is Hannah Broadwell! I was just looking around on the notofthisworld website and see your picture! weird but loved to see your beautiful face and read your story:-)

  2. Hey Kelsey! How are you? Are you enjoying being a MK? We are liking it here in Australia even though it’s so different! It has been crazy living in Oz, they don’t have Goldfish here (the crackers)! So we have people send things over. Ho’s your family?
    Naomi Broadwell

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