On Comparing.

“Stop judging and evaluating yourself, for this is not your role. Above all, stop comparing yourself with other people. This produces feelings of pride or inferiority; sometimes, a mixture of both. I lead each of My children along a path that is uniquely tailor-made for him or her. Comparing is not only wrong; it is also meaningless. The source if real affirmation is My unconditional love.”

-Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I keep Jesus Calling (brief daily devotionals from the perspective of Jesus) on my dresser and usually try to read that day’s message on my way out the door for school. My hope is that it’ll stick in my head as I walk through the halls of my school and sit through classes. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. On February 28th, it definitely stuck.

Comparison is such a struggle for me. All day long it’s difficult to not compare. In the morning, it’s hard not to compare my hair when it just won’t do what I want it to. During school, it’s hard not to compare grades and clothes and beauty. At home, it’s hard not to compare my writing and blogging. All day long. It’s exhausting and demotivating.

This weekend, I noticed it especially with blogging. I started Not of this World because I love to write. I love to design. I love to be creative. I love MKs. But it’s hard not to look at blogs with hundreds of comments and lots of followers and gorgeous design layouts. And then come here. But God’s been reminding me that it’s what I write that counts, not how it looks. One of my new favorite blogs is simple, at best. No pictures. No fun fonts. Barely any color. Yet I read it because the words are so encouraging and true. It was a good reminder for me that though it’s ok – and even good – that I care about doing everything with excellence when it comes to presentation (side note: did you notice the new social media buttons in the top right corner? Aren’t they cute! Highlight of Saturday! 🙂 ), that’s not why I do what I do.

Ever since I read that entry in Jesus Calling, I’ve been trying extra hard to hold each thought captive, to stop the comparison game before it even truly begins. Because only then will I truly be able to enjoy the life and gifts God has given me.


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