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“A Girl Like Me” is written by Heather and Kelly, wives of the Tenth Avenue North musicians Jeff and Mike. In their words, their desire is “to use [the] blog as a way to share life with other young women and let them know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is hope.” The two women take turns posting twice a week, writing with honesty and conviction on topics close to their heart. They also give readers a chance to share their stories on the blog “A Girl Like You.” I love reading their thoughts and I know you will too…

Where to Start

What is Love?…“Romeo and Juliet. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcey. Bella and Edward. Three epic love stories that withstood the test of time, trial, and even immortality. As girls, we live for stories like these. Stories that make us dream of a day when we too will experience our epic romance. When we meet the man who would make us give up our lives and souls for the opportunity to love him and be with him. Ahhhh….love…..isn’t it grand?” Read the rest here

The Very Thing I Desire…“Hey.  Come sit across from me.  Grab a cup of coffee or a peppermint tea and pretend to look me in the eyes.  Let’s talk.  Lets get real shall we.  Let’s look into the depths of our hearts and pull out the crutches that we are hiding and the sin we are pretending isn’t there.  You see, I haven’t been real with myself lately and thought, just maybe, you were in the same boat.” Read the rest here

Vanity, Vanity…“Girls, if there is one thing that being pregnant has taught me it is this: I put way too much stock in my own vanity than anything else. I stand in the mirror calculating every little bump, bulge, and bloat, complaining about how I can’t believe I have six more months of dealing with this. The irony is, at the end…I get a baby, and for the most part, my body back. So why then? Why do I allow myself to focus so much on all the things I hate, robbing myself of the blessing and gift that being allowed to carry a life inside me can bring? Because in my mind..I am defined by how I am seen by others. Plain and simple.” Read the rest here

Click here to read more from “A Girl Like Me!”


Blogs are great ways to be encouraged and inspired, but make sure you aren’t spending too much time reading them. It’s easy to get sucked into the lives of others and start playing the comparison game. I’m starting to do these reviews regularly to provide blogs that will keep your thoughts focused on Jesus and inspire you to use your talents to glorify Him. Let me know what your favorite blogs are and send us your reviews!


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