Flying the Friendly Skies.


Two weeks ago, my mom and I took a weekend trip to visit some colleges. Though security and long lines and delays are a pain, I really love airports. I like getting to know new ones and visiting old ones. I like watching people. I like the hustle and bustle. But mostly, I love how comfortable it feels.

When we lived in Italy, we flew all the time and, even before we moved, I had flown a lot for my age. So many people have not had the privilege of flying  and so they don’t know what to do. Take off your shoes. Take off your belt. Remove your computer and put it in a separate bin. These commands are second nature to me now and it’s nice that, amidst the transition and craziness of being a TCK, this is something I can do. And do really well.

I can navigate an airport.

It isn’t something you put on college applications, but in a way I’m really proud of it. Living in another country has a way of making you feel inadequate in a lot of ways. But airports? I’ve got this.

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