Through the Window


{credit unknown}

// a post I wrote on my personal blog last year //

A few days ago, I was in the car looking out the window. I love to look out the window. I can spend hours just watching life roll by through the glass.

The other day I realized how much life I’ve watched roll past. And how many different types of lives I’ve seen. I’ve gazed at sloping, green hills dotted with cyprus trees. Dusty dirt roads with cows here and there. Fields of scorched corn. Misty mountain passages. Snow covered valleys. Lush tropical trees.

I’ve been so blessed to be able to travel to so many places in my short life. That’s one reason why I’m thankful my parents do what they do, it involves a lot of travel. And I love it. I love seeing God’s creativity all over the world. There are so many beautiful cultures and peoples and nations.

My favorite thing is to taste just a little bit by watching them from the through window. The window of a bus, a taxi, a car, a train, a plane…it doesn’t matter. Just a window. So that I can just look. I can stare into their eyes, knowing I’ll never see them again within a second. I can wonder where they’re walking, what home looks like to them. It really makes you think and brings fast-paced life to a lazy crawl. It allow you to block out the world so you can really be in the world.

Since moving to Texas, I haven’t gotten to travel much. I miss it so much. I know most people never have, but after living overseas it feels like it should be part of everyday life. When I see planes flying overhead, I’m forced to remember I live here now. Far away from the world of buses, trains, taxis, and planes.

For now, I just have to be content watching life roll by in the five-minute drive from school back home. Watching rows of houses and shops go by isn’t terribly exciting, but it’s still life and I’ll take five minutes over nothing.


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