White Citrus Memories


A few weeks ago, I grabbed a bottle of body spray to lightly mist some clothes before I packed them so they’d smell nice and fresh when I reopened my bag. As my finger pushed down and the tangy, fresh scent of “White Citrus” floated through the air, I paused. Memories flooded my mind.


This past summer, I went on a missions trip to South Africa. In preparation, I bought travel-sized bottles of lotion, body wash, and spray in the scent “White Citrus.” I loved the clean, summery smell and knew it’d be perfect for a long missions trip. And I was right, after long, busy days, they were the perfect way to feel refreshed.


However, when I returned home I put the spray away and didn’t use it again until a few weeks ago. As soon as I smelled it, it all came back to me again.


the people. the food. the breathtaking scenery. the laughter. the tears. the tired days. the relaxing days.


all my memories of a place that felt like home even though it was my first time there.


all laced with the sweet smell of white citrus.


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