He Said part 2

In the latest issue, I interviewed nine TCK guys. I couldn’t fit all of their responses in that one article so here is part two!

Where would you take a girl on a first date in Budapest to show her Hungarian culture? 

I would take a girl to a tea shop or coffee shop or just go explore Budapest. We have a lot of random, cool places over here. -Reed, Hungary

How can girls better respect guys?

I think girls should just begin by trying to build friendships with guys and not beginning by thinking about romantic implications. -Trent, Hungary

Encourage them and allow them to lead. -Lots of guys

What’s your favorite food from your country?

Biltong. -Jack, Kyrgyzstan

This is apparently what biltong looks like:

What attributes do you want a girl to have?

Self-respect, humility that lifts up others, self-confidence, and maturity to recover from a relationship. -Connor, Japan

What confuses you about girls? 

Girls seem to care more about relationships than friendships. -Bryan, US

What do girls do that’s annoying?

Overreact, avoid conflict, ask “Are you mad at me?” -Lots of guys

Why do guys like video games so much?

They’re an escape, they allow you to do things you could never do in the real world, and they satisfy a desire for adventure. -Chris, Germany

What’s a good gifts for a guy?

Food, gifts that relate to inside jokes, cards, CDs, bacon, and coffee. -Lots of guys

General advice?

Look for guys who look like Jesus and spend time with guys like that. -Ryan, Russia


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