Click Click Click: Three Links of Encouragement // #2

Happy Thursday! Here are three blog articles I’ve come across in the past week or so….enjoy!

What Does the Bible Say About Cussing by Girls for God…“Today it’s not uncommon to hear your friends cussing all the time, and it’s pretty easy to pick up on some of the bad language around you. You know God cares about what you do, but does He care about what you say?” Read the rest here

Those Mid-October Blues by Libby Stephens…“I had returned to my passport country that very summer. By October I thought maybe I would have made a good friend. I actually thought I would have figured out this passport country by now. I was sure I wouldn’t be missing my friends in my other school nearly so much. I was positive there would be no more tears to be shed.” Read the rest here

The Pinterest Bible by Stuff Christians Like…“I’m on Pinterest.

Wait, isn’t that just for girls? It is. In fact, if you’re a guy I would really appreciate if you’d continue believing that and give me a head start of about a year or so.

Whatever you do, don’t read articles that point out Pinterest is 72% female and Twitter is 62% female. (It’s that extra 10% that makes Twitter OK for men to use.)

I digress.”  Read the rest here.

*There is a November/December issue, but it’s going to be a little late 🙂


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