When I design Not of this World, I find inspiration from multiple magazines. I try my best to not look directly at a magazine while I design because I want to be original and be inspired through my own process of creating. However, before and after, I looove looking at other people’s works. It’s funny – since starting Not of this World, I usually don’t look at the words in magazine anymore, I’m immediately drawn to the design. Those colors look fabulous together. How did they layer those pictures? What font is that? Genius use of texture. I can’t help it 🙂 I thought I’d share from my two of my favorite online magazines today.

First is Matchbook: Field Guide to the Charmed Life. I love this magazine, which might be considered odd since it’s target audience is women in their later twenties and up. But then again all the blogs I follow are written by women that age, I take my mom’s Real Simple and Pottery Barn magazines even before she looks at them, and some of my favorite stores in the mall have not a teenager in site. Sometimes I think I’m the wrong age…but I digress.

Matchbook. Their design is gorgeous. I love their many collages, cute ways of presenting articles, and beautiful pictures. I love when magazines rely more on photography than graphics.

The second magazine that inspires me is SetApartGirl. My favorite aspect (design wise) is the photography. So many gorgeous pictures filled with soft light and pretty fonts.

I love looking at these magazines and others like them, but I have to be careful. Because the more I look, the faster thoughts of inadequacy crowd in my mind. Instead of being inspired to create and work harder on Not of this World, I feel like what I do will never be beautiful enough, clean enough, simple enough, creative enough. But when I start to think those thoughts God reminds me that He can work with anything, through anyone. The words in my magazine are more important than how I design it. The heart-felt stories shared by girls around the world are what matter. Not if I can find the perfect font. God doesn’t focus on the outer appearance of things and He can work through my lack of time and skill.

So for now I’m working on just being inspired, not discouraged.

What inspires you?


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