A Thought to Start Your Week // Master

Jesus invites you to deny yourself. He invites you to be a slave. But as a slave may I tell you about my master. My master will provide for you. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills; he can take care of your needs. My master will protect you. He speaks and even the wind and the waves obey him. My master has the power to forgive sins. If being a slave to sin has left you broken and bruised and you find your life is in pieces, my master can take the pieces of your life and turn them into a beautiful mosaic. If you are worn out and exhausted, my master gives rest to those who are weary and heavy burdened.

One more thing. When you become a slave to my master, he makes you his son. He makes you his daughter. He calls you friend.

Instead of raving fans, may our churches be filled with slaves who are cleverly disguised as waiters, skaters, artists, singers, athletes, and students.

-Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman


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