Behind the Scenes of the Fall Issue…

I’m so excited for you to read the next issue of Not of this World! There are a lot of wonderful articles including ones about friendship, culture shock, supporting a cause you’re passionate about, and more. It will be published on September 1st, so here is a peek into what’s been going on behind the scenes to prepare for it…

I almost used this for the cover picture, then chose another one. You’ll have to let me know which one you liked better once you’ve seen the new issue!

This girl is wearing the same dress everyday for a year. Any guesses why? I’m so excited for you to read her story! I know you’ll be super inspired.

How I keep track of everything for each issue…please excuse my gross nails! 😉

Fact: A lot of people ask me how long it takes to make an issue and I’m not quite sure, but I do know this has been the fastest one yet! Thankfully it’s all just come together quite smoothly and I will definitely be making my deadline for September 1st!

Fact #2: this issue is one of my favorites design wise! It’s been so much fun making it and messing around with colors and pictures until everything is just so.

Question: the last part of making every issue is deciding the topic for “Bible Verse on…” so this month I thought I’d ask you…what topic do you want the Bible’s truth on?


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