Behind the Scenes

The new issue comes out on Sunday!! Instead of giving you a sneak peak, I’m going to take you behind the scenes 🙂

This was the cover picture, until I stumbled upon one in my photo archives that I liked even better. Once the issue comes out, you’ll have to let me know which one you would’ve picked!

This issue is the beginning of a fabulous series by Millie Welsh on friendship! I recruited my small group girls from church to pose for a few minutes before our sleepover. I was going for a vintage twist with the glass bottles. 🙂

Aren’t they cute?

Fun fact: I started this issue one month ago when I watched The Notebook, ate a lot of chocolate, and spent hours putting together a collage of clothes for a modesty article. The time was definitely well spent and I can’t wait for you to read a guy’s point of view on the subject!

I listened to this song a lot while editing this issue. I loooove it. Such a good message. I can’t wait for the rest of 10th Ave’s new album!

And this song. Which is completely different, but still so beautiful.

Second fun fact: This is only the second time the months of July and August have had their own issues! Summer is always so busy, but thankfully this year it worked. I hope this issue encourages and blesses you! I’ve had so much fun making it.


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