What would you do if your house was on fire?

Normally, I only put up blog posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays but I wanted to share this article with you today. It is written by Michaela F., the author of NOTW’s column “Heart of Worship. -Courtney


{via CNN}

I was born and partly raised in the lovely city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Which, as I write, is on fire. Over 5,000 acres have been affected and more homes are being eaten alive by the furious flames by the minute. It is utterly devastating and heartbreaking to hear of people I know and love losing their homes. Some of them didn’t even get to grab any of their belongings. The people who did grabbed the bare minimum. And it made me think – not the traditional “What would you bring?” question but more of a “How affected would my life be if all of my earthly belongings were engulfed in smoke and flames?” Would I be tortured at night by haunting dreams of the precious things I had lost? Would I be paralyzed to the point of not being able to move on with life? Or would I be able to trust that the Lord will provide for all my needs?
I think the hardest thing for me to give up would be the memories. The 12-15 journals I have recorded in over the last 6 ½ years, the scrapbooks, the pictures, the home videos, the memorabilia etc.. I think that would be the case of a lot of us, since we haven’t necessarily lived in the same house all our lives or anything like that. And I do think it is okay to be attached to memories because they are proof of God’s faithfulness and goodness in our lives and the lessons He has taught us. But they are still a part of our earthly lives and I sure do hope that I remain so invested in and excited for Heaven that even if I lost all the memories I hold so close to my heart, I would be able to live on. That I would be able to have hope and peace that something even better than the best of my memories is coming. And that, my friends, is something to live for.

One thought on “What would you do if your house was on fire?

  1. So thankful that most of the fire is contained!! Praising God for that! Thanks for sharing this from your perspective. I have a lot of friends who were affected by the fire too.

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