Finally Eternally

{source unknown}
Breaking free and heading home
Traveling to a place of light
on the tune of a wedding song
Beautiful picture of the Creator’s glory
The Lord’s kingdom, not a dream
We enter the dwelling place in awe

Overcome with consuming awe
and breathless at the sight of this new home
The streets reflect a golden light
Divine beauty inspires a song
While a trumpet call beckons into His glory
Through pearly gates as in John’s dream


Throne room scene a golden dream

The crystal sea of glass inspires awe

Emerald throne, my Father’s home
Drawn to the unapproachable light
Raptured by the Lover’s song
The city tells of His gloryThere He sits on the throne of glory
A voice of thunder not from a dream
calls me in but I tremble in awe
unworthy to enter His sacred home

His face is like a beam of light

Indescribable in a million songs


Holy, holy, holy is the joyous song
Faces hidden in fear of His glory
The angels appear more vivid than a dream

Seraphim fly around Him in awe

Angelic legions fill His heavenly home
and dance on beams of light
Lamb of God enfolds me in His light
and sings to me the Savior’s song
Cannot help but behold His glory
A renewed body, I only dared to dream
No earthly words to describe my state of awe
At last I know the meaning of home

An eternal home, a shining light
A holy song proclaiming glory
Not a dream, full of awe


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