A Thousand Little Things

I’m pretty sure you’re like me and you get so excited sometimes you can’t hold it. That’s how I react when some of the most graceful and inspiring women I’ve ever known or heard of have a new album out. Luckily for you and me that is just the case this month. Every time, Point of Grace impresses me more on more.The group have gone through very various music genres, from pop-rock to Christian country. Whether you like Christian contemporary Country or not, the beautiful vocals and powerful lyrics will be sure to bless your heart. Although these ladies have been in the Christian music scene for a long time and are not new, they always offer the best. Seriously!
Sometimes we have a hard time finding positive things and things we are thankful for in our life.The amazing ladies from Point of Grace took the time for us to focus on the beautiful things and sometimes the hard ones too that make up what we call life.So next time you get caught up in the mundane of life, good or bad, turn up A Thousand Little Things and whisper a prayer to thank God for the thousand little blessings He pours out on you every single day.

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