Right in Front of You

{read Katie’s blog here}

Katie Davis is an extraordinary woman. At the age of nineteen, she felt the Lord calling her to serve in Uganda. Now, at the age of twenty-three, she is the adopted mother of thirteen girls and is planning on committing the rest of her life to serving the small village she lives in. Her book, Kisses from Katie, is on my summer reading list and, in the meantime, I’ve been looking at her blog. She is truly inspiring.

But I think you have to guard your heart when listening to stories like that. Allow me to explain. Last night, I watched an interview with her on youtube. Watching her talk with such passion and joy about her life caring for the less fortunate suddenly made the history homework sitting on my desk seem very unimportant and my mission field – my school – even less so. Why am I not in some far-away country doing crazy things like that? I thought. Why isn’t everyone doing that?

And that’s when you have to guard your heart. I’ve had this conservation with friends many times. It’s so easy to look at someone else’s God-given purpose/plan and feel like your own is somehow inadequate. As if the King of the universe just dumped you somewhere while He’s really only planning for the lives of people like Katie. It’s easy to think that you can only serve God when you’re doing something like her.

Nothing could be further from the truth. People say the grass is always greener and often it feels that way. I used to dream of being a missionary, then I did become a missionary: my family moved to Italy. But ministering to others didn’t magically become easier because I was on “the” mission field. Nor did returning to the US make it easier. Serving God and serving others is never easy, but God will give you the strength and ability to follow His plan for you. Remember that God has you in a certain place for a reason. If everyone moved to places like Uganda, who would love on American high school students who don’t believe? College students? Church members? The local grocery store worker?

I love how Katie put it:

 “I think the reason that I wrote this book and the message I want to get across is to just be obedient to whatever God is putting in front of us. It doesn’t have to look like moving to another country. It doesn’t always have to look like adoption, but…He places a need in front of us and it’s our job to obey and meet that need. And just in saying yes to whatever He’s putting in front of us and just doing the next right thing, He’s faithful to multiply it into something so much more incredible than we could have ever imagined.”

God can use you wherever you are. What has He put right in front of you?


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