You Know You’re an MK When…

When I first started Not of this World, a reader sent me a list of 165 “You Know You’re an MK When…” responses. I’ve had so much going through them and sharing them with y’all over the past two years! Here are a few more…

…you have friends from all over the place

…you speak with authority on the quality of airlines

…you can’t remember how to say something because another language comes in your head

…people ask you if you have electricity

…you’ve spoken to dozens of churches but aren’t a pastor

and my own: …when you have nightmares about losing your passport. I was so. stressed. out. 🙂

Now it’s your turn: you know you’re an MK when…


6 thoughts on “You Know You’re an MK When…

  1. …when someone asks you to speak in your foreign language and the only thing you can think of is Hello, my name is_____. Haha! That’s happened to me so many times! I also sometimes say: I don’t know what I should say so I’m just talking. 🙂

    • This happens to me all the time! I always ask, what do you want me to say? And they usually can’t think of anything either…or I totally blank and can’t think of how to translate their sentence. 🙂

  2. You freak out every time you go to walmart in the States. I’ve had a lady ask me if I was feeling ok when I started jumping up and down at the sight of cheddar cheese. 🙂

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