Plan A Valentine’s Day Party

I pulled this article by Katie G. out of the archives, just in case you’ve forgotten what she said from when you first read it two years ago 🙂

When preparing for a valentine’s party try to keep two things in mind, 1) pink 2) red. When you are finished you should have a pink and red room lit with heart candles while hearts drift like mobiles from the lights.  There will be games with heart cards and fun, not to mention laughter.  Now that you know what to keep in mind and what to look forward all that is left is to know what to be prepared for: cutting.

Step 1) be sure and invite your guests at least a week beforehand.  If you are only inviting a few people then make decorative cards as invitations.  If you are planning on asking 50 people then I would suggest you search valentine e-cards on the computer and choose one that will not offend anyone or give the wrong impression.  Make certain you include details such as time, place, date and your reason for the party (birthday, holiday etc.)

Step 2) one thing you do not want to do is to not be ready when people start arriving, plan ahead and cut out all your hearts the day before.  The morning of the chosen day melt some old candles or wax in your mom’s worst pan (DO NOT do this in your mom’s best pan like I did; it hardens and is not easy to scrape out!).   While the wax is melting read through the rest of the instructions so you can know and prepare for anything ahead.  Before the wax is completely melted set a small sheet of aluminum foil on the counter put your heart cookie cutter over it.  Make certain that none of the cookie cutter is touching the counter.  Very carefully pour the liquid wax into the heart mold and stir in a drop of food coloring.  While the wax cools slightly coat a precut piece of string so that it is stiff.  When the wax in the mold is firm enough to support itself cautiously slip the wick in.  Place the candle in a cool place and when it is sufficiently stiff gently remove the mold.  Repeat this step throughout the day until you have enough candles.  If you have multiple heart-shaped cookie cutters you can make more than one at once. Note: the moment the pot is empty pour boiling water into it and scrape.  If there is any stubborn wax left put the pot into the freezer and peel it off.

Step 3) while still cooling your candles select 30 hearts and label five of them as follows: I Will Tell That, I Will Eat That, I Will Do That, I Will Dance That, and I Will Wear That.  On another five hearts put down 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500.  Arrange the numbered hearts in a column with the numbers facing up.  On five other hearts write down things that you would dare people to tell such as, “your funniest moment” or, “your most embarrassing moment”.  Order these according to category and most difficult to tell.  Put them face down in a column next to next to the numbered cards with the hardest one across from the 500.  Place the “I Will Tell That” card above this column.  Do the same for each category.  This game is just a form of jeopardy.  Before playing divide your group into teams.  Go in a circle and let one person from each team pick any card and complete what it says.  (if time runs out before the dare is complete pass it on to the next group and let them have a try.

Step 4) for all the lights in your house, use cut a piece of plastic wrap.  Paint them red and pink.  (This can be extremely difficult! If it does not work use really thin colored paper.)  When you are done tape them over the lights so that when turned on they create a red or pink light.  To improve how your room looks turn your remaining hearts into mobiles and hang them from the ceiling and lights.  Be creative and “heartify” your house.

Step 5) for any food you make, try to keep to the pink heart theme.  Some ideas are heart spritz or heart-shaped cakes.  You can melt hard candy and form little hearts to put on top of your cakes if you don’t have heart-shaped tins.  For drinks put a couple drops of red food coloring into sprite or just buy a strawberry drink.  Glue little hearts onto red or pink straws for your guests to use and identical hearts onto their cups.

Step 6) use your imagination and think of more ideas for your party or maybe even for another party at a different time of the year.  You could throw a Christmas party or just an everyday “I’m glad you are my friends” party.  One thing extremely important thing to remember whenever  you throw a party is to make  sure everyone is included and that no one is left out. Use your parties to get to know people around your area, maybe eventually you can share the gospel with someone.  Also use your parties to introduce your friends to each other.  It can be difficult to find friends when you live in a different culture that why sharing them always pays off!  But for now…lets party!!!


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