Challenge Yourself

Last year, Not of this World hosted a 31 day challenge. Each day leading up to January first, participants received an e-mail with a specific challenge. If you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself this Christmas, here is a list of some of the challenges from last year:

1: Make a list of all the things you are thankful for.

2: Write an encouraging note to someone who’s been a blessing to this year.

3: Spend some time abiding in God’s love. Journal, sing, read…do whatever it is that connects you most intimately with your Savior and let Him shower you with His love.

4: Create a care-package for a family serving as missionaries in a different country from where you live.

5: Think of one area in your life that you want to change. It could be your lack of studying, not taking care of your body, not treating your siblings well…whatever it is make a commitment to really work on that starting now and throughout the next year. Find someone who can keep you accountable; it could be your mom, a friend, you sister, your pastor’s wife…anyone whom you trust and know will remember. Really challenge yourself and keep at it out to see change.

6: Find a small container like a jar or a box. Rip of a piece or two of paper and write down names/causes/countries to pray for. Fill your container with the pieces of paper and now you have your own prayer jar! Draw a piece of paper when you wake up and when you go to bed and pray throughout the day for whatever you drew.

7: Make a list of ways God has provided for you over the past year.

8: Living overseas can be tough on your family back home as they don’t get to see you often and probably worry about how you’re doing. Today call your grandparents (or another relative) just to chat and catch them up on your life. It’ll make their day.

9: Get a small, but nice, Christmas gift for someone you usually wouldn’t give one to.

10. Meet someone new and reconnect with an old friend.

11. Tell someone about one of the ways God has been faithful to you this past year. It could be in a letter of encouragement, a phone call, whatever…just spread your stories of God’s faithfulness!

12.  Forgive someone you’ve been holding a grudge against.

Sign up for Christmas devotionals for more ways to challenge yourself this season!



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