Proclaim His Works

This week’s Christmas devotional is on worship. One way of worshiping our Savior is sharing what He has done in our lives. In fact, we are commanded to share God’s works countless times throughout the Psalms and the rest of the Bible. That’s what I want to do today, spend some time sharing with you and hearing from you.

God has answered so many of my prayers and done amazing things in my short lifetime. One answered prayer sticks out in particular to me. For the first four years of living in Italy, I didn’t know anyone living in the same city who was my age and could speak English. I had Italian friends and I had an American friend near my age, but she lived in a different city. I’m an introvert and fairly shy so not having friends to spend time with wasn’t a huge deal. After a while, though, it really started to discourage me. I spent so much time in prayer begging God for just one friend. Just one.

For a long time, God didn’t respond. Finally, after four years, I gave it up. In fact, I wrote an article for this magazine about how content I was with my situation. A week or two later, my mom told me that a family with two girls near my age was considering moving to our city. They ended up coming to Italy for a year. It was so amazing to see God answer my prayer and His timing.

Now it’s your turn. How has God provided for you? What miraculous works has He done in your life? What prayers has He answered?


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