A Spirit of Power and Love

Yesterday, in French class, we had sub since our teacher had to leave during class. She left us some work to do, but everyone was mainly just talking. One boy sitting near me got up to go get his workbook. He had on a shirt that basically said he was against all religion. As he was walking back, someone asked him about his shirt. He replied that he was against all religions because, as a Christian, he had a relationship not a religion. The boys were understandably confused so he sat down and explained more.

For the following thirty minutes, until the bell rang, he shared the Gospel with them. The whole time I sat there watching them and listening, so impressed and amazed he had the courage to do that. Not many people would. In fact, when I told the girl sitting next to me (who I knew was a Christian) we should pray that they would open their hearts to his words she just shrugged and said she didn’t like getting into debates over religion.

Another girl entered the discussion only long enough to say she didn’t believe in God since He had never done anything for her. I almost said something to her, but held back. I wasn’t sure what to say and I was afraid she’d be able to throw everything I could say back in my face. So I just prayed for the three boys who were hearing the Gospel.

I think we all fall into one of those three categories when it comes to sharing our faith: courageous and fearless of what others think, apathetic, or shy. What’s sad is that most of us probably don’t fall into the first category, including myself. I think what’s also sad is how impressed I was that this guy was sharing his faith so openly. Shouldn’t that be an everyday occurrence? Not something that is shocking because it’s never done?

Watching that boy share his faith really inspired me. Listening to him made me excited, excited that those boys got to hear the Gospel. When I go back to school on Monday, and every other day, I want to try to live out my faith more. I don’t want to have a spirit of timidity, but one of “power and love” like it says in 2 Timothy. Will you join me?

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