Jet Lag Tips

Here are a few tips to avoid jet lag!

Prepare for your journey three days in advance.

First Day: Eat a high-protein breakfast and lunch, such as bacon eggs sausages, or steak, and a high-carbohydrate dinner, such as pasta, potatoes or rice.

Second Day: Eat only very light meals.

Third Day: Eat whatever you want!

Departure Day: As soon as you get on the plane, adjust your watch to the time of your destination. Make sure you only eat meals according to your watch. Drink plenty of water during your flight and stay awake if it is daytime at your destination. Sleep on the plane if it is nighttime at your destination. Use earplugs, headphones and eye masks to block out noise and light. If you arrive at you destination during the day, don’t go to sleep; take a shower and then get out and do something. In the evening, eat a meal and go to bed at you normal time.

Thanks Ragan K. for sharing these tips!

Taken from Not of this World’s Facebook page. 

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