Book Reviews

Looking for some fun, summer fiction? Here are three book reviews from our Facebook page:

Lauren Holbrook series by Erynn Magnum (review by Michaela F.)

LOVE these books! Perfect for a teenage girl who loves to read a good romance comedy novel. Lauren Holbrook is in her early twenties and she works at a photography studio with her long time best friend. When a new secretary is hired and catches her best friend’s attention it is hard for her not to be jealous, but she soon meets a guy who catches her eye. This series of intertwining love stories is full of laughter, friendship and food! Watch as Lauren and her friends go through a time of change that is sometimes hard and confusing, but is good in so many ways.

Christy by Catherine Marshall (review by Courtney R.)

For those of you who like books more like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables, this book is for you. 19-year-old Christy Huddleson hears about a teaching job in the Appalachian mountains through a missions program and immediately takes them up on the offer. Soon she’s said goodbye to her family and is headed to the rural mountain villages where she’ll teach in a one room schoolhouse to children of all ages. Little does she know the what’s in store for her. Her time in the mountains will change her life forever as her eyes are opened to the simple and miserable lives her poverty-stricken students and their families lead. As her relationship with God is challenged in new ways, Christy sees life in a whole new way and finds out that sometimes the simple things are the most beautiful things.

Sierra Jensen series by Robin Jones Gunn (review by Courtney R.)

Meet Sierra, a unique girl trying to stay true to her faith, make new friends, get a job, and keep her crazy curly hair under control. The series start off with Sierra coming home from a missions trip in Europe. As soon as she steps off the plane her life changes in every way. While she was gone her parents moved in with her aging grandmother in a different city and Sierra has to go to a new school, deal with the mean girls, try to find some sweet girls, and find the city’s best vintage store before she wears out all her old clothes. Oh and there’s also this guy that she can’t get off her mind. She definitely has her work cut out for her! Join Sierra on her crazy adventures as she grows up and discovers who she is and what she’s about.

For more books titles, see our “Resources” page for a list of all the books Not of this World has reviewed.


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