Whatever It Takes

Jessica’s weekly posts normally come at the end of the week, but I thought this post was a good way to start off the week…


Turn off the computer. Take out the headphones.

Why is it so hard to stop and spend time with our Creator? When the
computer is finally unplugged late into the shadows of the night, my
head feels weighted down as if a hundred pebbles were sitting on top of
it so I let myself lay down and go to bed, but not before I shower and
slip on my pajamas. How come I refuse to let sleep overtake my weary
body before changing out of the dirty clothes I’ve worn all day and yet
I willingly give up spending precious moments in conversation with my
Maker? Morning after morning I rush through my Bible reading so I can
turn on the computer or stick in the headphones…but why and for what

My priorities are so mixed up. I want to change them and so I will. No
more letting myself let complacency rule my life. I’m fighting the Enemy
and with Christ’s help, I will triumph.

First, I intend to pray. Lots. Second, it’s time to unplug the computer
and turn off the mp3 player. Third, I’ll be reading Scripture and
soaking in God’s words of truth.

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is of greater importance than
loving the LORD our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength
just as Jesus commanded his disciples in Mark 12:30.

Yesterday morning I read Daniel 4 which tells of a dream that King
Nebuchadnezzar had. Daniel was overcome with fear when he first heard
the dream because God had revealed to him its meaning. But the King told
him not to be afraid, so he told the King the meaning after wishing that
the prophecy in the dream would come upon Nebuchadnezzar’s enemies
rather than the King. The meaning foreshadowed that King Nebuchadnezzar
would be driven from human society for a time and would have to live
among wild beasts, but one day he would receive his kingdom back. Like
others would have done, he refused to believe the dream’s meaning, and
continued to sin by exploiting the poor.

Twelve months later, the King was looking out at the great city of
Babylon and proudly thinking of how he had built the city with his
mighty power. God chose that moment to humble him and speaking to him,
fulfilled the prophecy foretold of in the dream. When his time living as
a wild beast was over, Nebuchadnezzar returned to the city of Babylon
and praised the Most High. He realized God’s great power and his
weakness. The King learned that surrender to God and his will are the
only way to live.

All the people of the earth
are nothing compared to him.
He does as he pleases
among the angels of heaven
and among the people of the earth.
No one can stop him or say to him,
‘What do you mean by doing these things?’
-Daniel 4:35

My heart needed a wake up call to show me that God deserves every part
of me…for the millionth time. He requires surrender and nothing less.
Have you surrendered your whole being to the King of Kings? If not, what
are you holding onto and refusing to let him have?

Love in Christ,


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